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A Customer Priority Company.

Eson's Power Company is started by Mr. Raja Murugan Founder and CEO of JoyMart Power,Pennadam and Eson's Power Company, Virudhachalam.

We being in power industry for the past 6 years in Tamil Nadu and with 20+ years of life in Dubai, we understand that customer delight is our success.


We have grown to value people more than anything, with that in mind Eson's Power Company started working with SF Batteries in the growing city of Virudhachalam to make customer experience delightful.

Thank you and Regards,

Priya Raja.

Eson's SF Batteries


SF Range of Products


SF 4 Wheeler Batteries

SF Batteries offers enhanced maintenance free automotive batteries for the new age consumer! The 4-wheeler from SF Batteries are designed with the latest technology in automotive batteries, to guarantee supersonic speed!
The automotive batteries manufactured by SF Batteries cater to a wide range of vehicles in the automotive market ranging from cars, JEEPS, SUVs, MUVs to Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, E-Rickshaws and heavy commercial vehicles like tractors, buses and trucks.


SF 2 Wheeler Batteries

The traffic in Indian cities can be quite crazy. People on cars spend hours waiting in the traffic to reach their destination. Bikes and scooters under such circumstances have proved to be an easy and efficient mode of transport as they can easily slip through the traffic and move head. A good battery for 2 wheelers would make such journeys all the better!

SF 2W Series bike batteries, one of the best two wheeler battery available in the market are designed especially for Indian road conditions and manufactured using the latest precision technology. The two wheeler battery works non-stop even in extreme rugged roads without premature failure.


SF Industrial and Home Power Solutions

SF Batteries offers enhanced maintenance batteries for the new age consumer! The Industrial and Home use SF Batteries are designed with the latest technology in India, to guarantee UN-Interrupted Power!


Contact Us

Address: Eson's Power Company,Combined Court Busstop ,S Fort St, T.Gopurapuram, Virudhachalam, Tamil Nadu 606001

Whatsapp/Call : +91 6369133364

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